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This site provides information on the family name of Verralls and its variations, including Fairall, Fairehall, Fairhall, Fayrhale, Feyrall, Firrell, Varrall, Varrell, Vennall, Verall, Verell, Verels, Vernall, Veroull, Verral, Verrall, Verralls, Verrals, Verrell, Verrells, Verril, Verrill, Verrols, Viral, Virell, Virrels, Virroll, Vorall, Vyrall, Vyrole, Vyrroll.

Verrall is the most popular version of the name and it has been well researched by Michael Verrall, Dick Gilbert and Karen Langridge, amongst others. At the moment we have more information on Verrall than Verralls which is my family name. Verrall originated in Sussex, a county on the south coast of England. They became an eminent family in the town of Lewes from 1700.

Verralls probably originated as a derivation of Verrall. The first records are in Kent, a county in the southeast corner of England, next to Sussex. Later records show a spread into London and Middlesex. Angela Verrells has traced her husband's family back to Nicholas Verralls, married in 1718, in Seal, Kent and has encountered many of the above spelling variants along the way.

My name is Peter James Verralls. I live on Ambergris Caye, in Belize, Central America. I was born in Margate, Kent. For more information about me, click on

The family genealogist is my brother Stephen Harvey Verralls, who lives in Hong Kong but was born in Habbanyia, Iraq. Stephen has his own page (in English!) researching our direct family line and we will try to get the two sites to complement each other.

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